Group Fitness Classes and School Testimonials

What people are saying about us!!

"These Tandem Bungee® group fitness classes are fun, creative and very challenging!!" ~ Dave.S

"I enjoy how I can "play" with my kids and they are really exercising hard!!" ~ Andrew.

"My school kids have never been this engaged and having so much fun" ~ Aurora west College Prep PE

"These C-Bungee® cords are wonderful for helping my PT clients with Autism" 

"TheTandem Bungee® group fitness class went by extremely fast, it was fun and I am cooked" Natalie

 Iv'e regularly used the C-Bungee® cords with our track and XC teams for several years as part of their general and core conditioning program. C-Bungees® add several levels of difficulty to even simple movement patterns and exercises. The core stability gains our athletes  get are tremendous. But all the hard work is an easy sell because the kids have a lot of fun while working hard. ~ Corky Dean- Kent Denver 

Six years of using the Tandem Bungee® C-Bungee® cords in my school, and not a single problem. My kids stay engaged, and teaching is streamlined. ~ Aurora Central 

Tandem Bungee® challenge at Fitness on The Rocks.
Tandem Bungee® challenge at Fitness on The Rocks.