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SHAPE CO Conference

We enjoy being a participant and presenter at the SHAPE CO convention annually. This is a great time for us to be face to face with a large quantity of amazing teachers and to help educate them on new ways to have fun with their students. Children need a physical outlet in school help help regain focus in class and achieve their best possible education. Many studies show that kids who play hard, work up a sweat and laugh hard also learn more in the academic portion of their education. 

This is where Bungee Bootcamp™ comes in. Our system is a non-competitive and fun exercise system that works great for all levels of participants.  Kids  are all athletes in their own way. C-Bungee cords can help the strong athlete get stronger, and the beginning athlete get started. Bungee Bootcamp™ add a fun level of camaraderie and confidence to your class structure. 

"I have never seen my kids so engaged and enjoying themselves"~Aurora Middle College Prep school. 

C-Bungee cords come in 3 sizes:

C-Bungee-1 Users 120lbs and under

C-Bungee-2 Users 120-165lbs

C-Bungee-3 Users over 165lbs and strong users under 165. 

If you as a teacher can make class fun, team building, challenging and educational you've done a great job. Bungee Bootcamp™ helps you follow the National Standards of PE easily with only a few simple rules for your class to follow. No snapping each other with the C-Bungee® cords, keep it positioned correctly, and stop if your teammate says stop. 

Choose a movement from our manual, teach the kids, then have them teach it to each other and the class. Test on this process and watch them learn. Add in some education of what muscles and sports the movement can help, and have them make up moves and challenges of their own. When kids can teach kids, their lives get really fun. 

Here is a list of the current schools using our C-Bungee Cords:

Kent Denver (cross country team)

Denver Academy

Rose hill Elementary

Fox Ridge Middle School

Glenwood Springs Middle School

Aurora Central High School

Aurora West College Prep School

Hinkley High School

Rangeview High School (football team) 

Ricks School for the Gifted and Talented

S.T.E.M School

Liberty Middle School

Kinard Middle School- Fort Collins
UNC-Greeley has a C-Bungee that they are enjoying. 

Timber view Middle School

Academy International elementary. 

The Tandem Bungee® C-Bungee® Bear hold challenge at Denver North High school with Clayton Ellis.
The Tandem Bungee® C-Bungee® Bear hold challenge at Denver North High school with Clayton Ellis.

how we can help

Ideas for your school

Bungee Bootcamp™ has been to many school fitness nights. These are put on as fundraising events for the school and for their sports, PE, dance and art classes. Events like the use the help of the community to raise much needed educational funds for supplies. Bungee Bootcamp™ enjoys being a part of these events and helping parents see what is possible for their kids. 

Our C-Bungee cords teach kids coordination, teamwork and a multitude of strength and cardio-vascular movements. All of these help prevent injuries when playing competitive sports and enjoying daily life activities.  Our class structure allows for the creativity of the teacher and participant to meld into an experience that everyone enjoys.

Kids have invented classes like the Tandem Bungee™ Drag Race.

Tandem Bungee™ beachball dodgeball, beachball volleyball, and basketball are always a big hit. 

The T-Bungee can also be added to current activities that you do. Try Tandem Spike ball®, Tandem Speed Stacks®, Tandem Badminton.  

Schedule a family fitness event at your school and give is a call to join the fun. Please always leave a message. 

Kids exercising/laughing together in a Tandem Bungee® group fitness class school event.
Kids exercising/laughing together in a Tandem Bungee® group fitness class school event.