Sport Specific Training and the Equipment to get it done!

Tandem Bungee Sports Programing

We pride ourselves in providing a product and service that will make your sport specific training program participants stronger, faster, and safer through using our fun, durable and innovative exercise equipment made in Denver, following fun and focused training protocols.

Our T-Bungee®/ C-Bungee® Tandem Bungee cords provide a safe and effective way to train athletes to be stronger in both their movements, and their response to outside forces created from other athletes and the playing/training surface. The bodies autonomic response to an outside stimulus can be the difference between being injured or bouncing back and finishing the movement.

We offer coaching/ training services for athletic teams and the coaches with the option to purchase our equipment and integrate it into your sports training and fitness regimen. Our recommendation is simple and straight forward, Purchase our equipment, use it with your team, and watch how they gain speed, endurance, and skill sets while becoming less prone to injury. The fun that our systems add to your program make the work an easy sell. Use our Tandem Bungee equipment with your team to help them advance stronger, faster and safer in their sport of choice. 

Tandem Bungee Lateral Speed Shuffles

Tandem Bungee lateral speed shuffles using our T-Bungee®-2 cords. Great for building cardio endurance and lateral stabilization. A necessity for sport specific training providing lateral movements and stop and go action. A staple movement in our Denver Bootcamp Classes. Durable exercise equipment is a necessity, and we make it here in Denver for your fitness needs. 

Tandem Bungee Slalom

Tandem Bungee Slalom builds strength in the acceleration, deceleration, directional changing and cardio endurance training. Sport specific training using our T-Bungee exercise equipment in our Denver fitness classes and your on field sports conditioning programs.