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Tandem Bungee™ Fitness Equipment

C-Bungee® Cord sizes

Bungee Bootcamp™ Tandem Bungee® fitness equipement is designed to be durable, versatile and fun to use. We manufacture the C-Bungees® Tandem Bungee® fitness equipment in Denver Colorado through programs that provide valuable job skills to at risk populations utilizing materials sourced in the USA. 

Bungee Bootcamp™ believes in value and quality at all levels of the business, from our people to your C-Bungee®. 

Our C-Bungee® Tandem Bungee® cords come in 3 different sizes designed for different strength/size/abilities of the user. When used according to guidelines there have been no cord failures in the 6 years that we have been on the market and in schools, PT clinics, and gyms.

C-Bungee®-1 : Users up to 120lbs. Upper body movements of people with weak or limited upper body abilities. 

C-Bungee®-2: Users 120-165lbs. Upper and lower body movements for most group fitness class structures, and towing movements with people under 110lbs. 

C-Bungee®-3: Users 165lbs and up. Towing motions for users under up to 200lbs, we do not recommend towing motions for those over 200lbs with out Tandem Bungee® Cords. 

Training Manual- This is a go to tool for all PE teachers and fitness instructors. It's an illustrated guide to some of the most popular, fun and challenging tandem bungee moves that have designed. 

All cords come with a 90 day warranty. Should they fail under normal use allotted by the guidelines send the complete cord and all parts to us for inspection and repair/replacement. We have not had a single cord break in 6+ years and pride ourselves on quality design and consistant manufacturing. Your gym group fitness classes and school PE and sports programing will enjoy this versatile fitness equipment. 

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If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out to us and let us know what your specialities are. Bungee Bootcamp™ is planning an expansion and growth and would enjoy helping other fitness professionals. We will be certifying Tandem Bungee® teachers throughout the USA. Teachers will also have the ability to earn an income through our referral plan. Interested? let us know on the contact us page.  

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Personal Training/physical therapy

As a practicing 21 year personal trainer I have had the jot of helping many different clients through the years. Swapping sweat for health and learning all that i could along the way has brought me the blessing of sharing this tool with you. 

Durability is a must, and in the 7 years that schools, gyms, and PT clinics have used our Tandem bungee® cords, there have been NO cord failures. That includes the 20 Tandem bungee® cords that live in my SUV for outdoor classes. 

These tools provide you with the ability to use both static and dynamic strength, balance and resistance. Using techniques that teach proprioception  re-education, muscle re-education all while working multiple muscle groups at the same time in different ways.

We offer the ability for your PT clinic to use and sell our Tandem Bungee® cords. You can promote the use of these through working with your clientele. Clients need the tools to help them continue their rehabilitation at home in between appointments without being overwhelmed with exercise lists. Our Tandem Bungee® cords allow them the ability to use multiple muscle groups while performing some basic moves. 

Give us a call and let's talk about how to help your clients and facility.