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"Stretch Your Limits®"​
Tandem Bungee™ Group fitness classes in Denver usi

 Bungee Bootcamp®  helps you "Stretch Your Limits®"

Tandem Bungee™ believes Resistance is Mutual®!

Tandem Bungee™ Jumping J's

Enjoy a video of Tandem Bungee™ jumping J's in a T-Bungee™cord

Tandem Bungee™

Bungee Bootcamp™

Bungee Bootcamp™

Our Tandem Bungee™ group fitness classes  in Denver build teamwork, camaraderie, community and cooperation through a class that is designed to challenge you to "Stretch Your limits®" within your limits. However don't be fooled into thinking what we do is just an easy class with an elastic band, it's not. As you progress in our training system you can expect your body and movement systems to gain coordination, strength, balance and stamina. As you "Stretch Your Limits®" you will loose weight, gain muscle, increase cardio output (VO2 max), and burn lots of calories and fat. You'll gain a lot through muscle re-education, muscle proprioception, and autonomic response re-calibration.

We are the only fully Tandem Bungee™ training company in CO, powered by our T-Bungee™ cords.  

We are planning on changing this fast! 

Inquire about company team building activities. We make team building fun and challenging while everyone is in tandem, like only Bungee Bootcamp™ can do.