"Stretch Your Limits®"​ Tandem Bungee® Group fitness classes in Denver

Tandem Bungee® believes Resistance is Mutual®!

Bungee Bootcamp makes fitness fun!

Tandem Bungee®

Bungee bootcamp™

Bungee Bootcamp™

Our Tandem Bungee® fitness classes  in Denver build teamwork, camaraderie, community and cooperation through a class that is designed to challenge you within your limits. However don't be fooled into thinking what we do is just an easy class with an elastic band, it's not. As you progress in our training system you can expect your body and movement systems to gain coordination, strength, balance and stamina. As you "Stretch Your Limits®" you will loose weight, gain muscle, increase cardio output, and burn calories and fat.

Currently in CO, we are the only fully Tandem Bungee® training company. 

We are planning on changing this fast! 

The top three things that keep people exercising as researched in Appliedsportpsych.org  are: 

1. Keeping it fun 

2. Monitoring your progress

3. Fit exercise into your life

Our Tandem Bungee® Denver group fitness classes touch on all of these, and you can learn how to integrate them into your school, gym, PT clinic, and Senior living community. 

At Bungee Bootcamp™ we keep it fun as you are always in Tandem while working in our class structure. Some of the moves will have you laughing hard while trying to move or remain stationary as the anchor. You'll be making friends, learning new activities, cross training, and increasing at your own pace.

You can easily monitor your progress through setting your own goals. Following a  journal, and even pushing hard and trying to out perform your last attempt. We do monthly assessments that you can perform to learn how much you are gaining and where you want to train harder.

Our Tandem Bungee® training system is easy to fit into your life! You can purchase our C-Bungee® Tandem Bungee® cords and training manual to use at home, or come to a gym and take a certified Tandem Bungee® class. It's a very convenient way to tune the workout to your ability as well as tune it to how your gym runs group fitness and personal training. Routines are fun to create, easy to follow, and will get you fully engaged. When used at home, it's a fun way to make family-time a fun fitness time as well. Kids and adults enjoy the fun challenge, and with 3 different sized cords, users 50-500lbs can enjoy the benefits of family-time fitness.  


Contact us to learn more about purchasing your Tandem Bungee® training system for your Gym, Home, School, PT Clinic, or Senior Center. 

Looking for some fun business team building? Contact us to learn how we can help your company with a fun fitness based team building activity that will leave you breathless.   



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