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We teach Bungee Bootcamp classes for everyone!! 

We sell C-Bungee Cords to schools, gyms, PT clinics, senior living centers, sports coaches and families. 

C-Bungee cords are built to last!! We have had NO C-Bungee® cord failures in the last 6 years since we started. 

Classes coming Soon

We will be running some classes with Arapaho Community College soon. They're gym is open to the public, and very under utilized. Come join the fun!!Watch here and our Facebook page for more details. 


"These classes are the most fun and creative that I have ever taken"~ Dave. S. 


Who we've teamed up with

We run classes periodically for A Stronger Cord.  These are free classes with a goal to unite communities through fitness and wellness. Check them out to learn more. 

We are also set up at, and supporting the Feat on The Street race series. Click on the link to see where the next race is. 


We are looking to expand our teacher base. If you would like to attend a Bungee Bootcamp certification, teach classes and earn additional income contact us to learn more. 


Do the C-Bungee Cords ever break? -We have never had a C-Bungee cord break in a class or school when it is used according to the weight restrictions for the last 6 years.

Do you have a size limit on the cords? - We have had ex-pro football players in them and they were fine, and we have had small kids in them and they were fine.